About Us

Girl on ForkliftNU-CO Plastics is a full service manufacturer of plastic injected molded parts, foam products and assemblies. Our experience with materials and molding is extensive and we offer a variety of innovative technologies.

NU-Co Plastics provides single source service and program management. Whether you need a mold designed, prototypes made, trial runs (hundreds), small production (thousands) or large production (millions), we can assist you. From our smallest 100-ton machine to our largest 500-ton machine, our systems are designed to ensure your parts meet your quality standards and are delivered on time. Our customer service is provided by a single contact person ensuring quick consistent service.

NU-CO Plastics is also experienced in “Polyurethane Specialty Systems” and supplies two-component foam products to the automotive market. We have the expertise to supply polyurethane products that are rigid, flexible or elastomeric in nature.